CASES Portal

Tech Used

Wordpress REST API

The CASES Portal is an internal operations application, featuring a robust staff directory with live search, communications catalog, and custom-built pages for the organization’s administrative units.

The portal was developed in response to staff concerns about internal communications. Over the last several years, CASES has more than doubled in size and expanded to multiple offices, making collaboration across units increasingly challenging. The portal aimed to alleviate these challenges by providing an online repository for various agency-related resources.

I was responsible for all the wireframing, prototyping, designing, and development of the portal. Its back end is based on a custom Wordpress REST API configuration and its front end is powered by React.

For my unit's part, we wanted a page that would allow CASES staff to easily view our library of communications materials. The catalog is separated into different categories, including one-pagers, brochures, flyers, and miscellaneous.

(Incidentally, you can also see a sampling of some of the visual design work I did on CASES’ print materials.)